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What’s happening in Ukraine? One version, that of the West, is that Putin is a maniacal & irrational Hitlerian KGB super villain who is genociding Ukrainians, is poised to invade & annex all of western Europe if successful, intends to reunify & restore the glory of the Soviet Union, and is doing all of this treachery completely unprovoked while lying about his obviously evil intentions every step of the way.

Russia has their own version, but RT is banned completely by the EU, has been banished from content & social media platforms in the US, and Putin’s speeches are all but banned from mainstream media.

Another version is that the current conflict in Ukraine did not begin in February of 2022, but that the fighting began in 2014, and the full context goes back to the collapse of the Soviet Union.

We were all taught about the Cold War. The Cuban Missile Crisis. “Tear down that wall.” We taught kids to hide under school desks to stop the radiation from a nuclear attack.

The US funded religious extremists like Osama Bin Laden & ran propaganda campaigns about his fight for freedom against the socialist Afghanistan government, using Afghanistan to bait the USSR into overextending themselves financially until eventual collapse.

The West highly contests this, but declassified documents have proven that, given the context of 27 million Russians being killed by Nazis in WWII, and in exchange for Russia allowing the reunification of Germany, NATO would not be permitted to expand “one inch east” of the Berlin Wall.

TIME Magazine bragged that the US had gotten Boris Yeltsin elected as first President of the Russian Federation. Harvard Boys economists were sent to privatize & create Russian oligarchs as the country fell from prominence.

Vladimir Putin was a military man who joined the KGB, worked his way up until he was hand-picked by Yeltsin as successor. Putin initially applied Russia for NATO membership, to prove they were not simply a hostile military bloc. NATO, which had no reason to exist since the nullification of the Warsaw Pact, of course denied Russia.

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President Clinton had already gotten NATO missiles into the Baltic states, including Poland – directly on Russia’s border. President Bush in 2008 vowed that NATO would also have Ukraine (& Georgia). Russia was always steadfastly opposed to eastward NATO expansion, but Ukraine in particular was Russia’s absolute red line. Napoleon invaded Russia through Ukraine and burned Moscow to the ground. Hitler invaded Russia through Ukraine and, again, killed 27 million Russians.

So despite Ukraine’s strained neutrality, with western Ukraine largely identifying with Europe & eastern Ukraine largely identifying with Russia, President Obama sought to end this neutrality & get those NATO missiles right into Ukraine. But the IMF-friendly deal Obama demanded of Ukrainian President Yanukovych would’ve required freezing wages & gutting pensions, so Yanukovych instead took a $15b energy deal with Russia.

Everyone from Chomsky to Mearsheimer to Kissinger warned of the consequences of reckless NATO expansion. Joe Biden himself warned that if Russia were to be instigated, it would be for that reason.

However, NATO members must commit to spending 2% of GDP on US-compatible weapons systems, so NATO expansion is incredibly profitable for the Military Industrial Complex. It threatens potential nuclear Armageddon, but if Russia ever responds, then it proves NATO’s continued existence was justified all along. And even the threat of conflict means increased “defense” budgets & MIC profits!

Yanukovych’s deal with Russia sparked the EuroMaidan protests & eventual coup, which were backed by the US & quickly co-opted by nationalists who fired from rooftops onto anti-government protesters as a means to inflame anti-government sentiments, and burned alive dozens of Russian-speaking Ukrainians in a union hall in Odesa.

These nationalist gangs were funded by Ukrainian billionaires such as Ihor Kolomoisky. They were deputized in Kiev & absorbed into the Ukrainian national guard. Their Nazi affiliation was widely known & reported. They were banned & labelled a hate group by Facebook. The UK government recognized their logos as white supremacist. The US banned the arming of the neo-Nazi Azov Regiment.

Obama noted that Ukraine would never be as vital an interest to the US as it is to Russia. He also refused to inflame tensions with Russia by directly arming militias against them, especially Nazi ones which could result in unintentional blowback as with Bin Laden before. And Obama dared “anyone in this town” to admit that they would go to war with Russia over Ukraine.

Zelensky advisor saying in 2019 that Ukraine must join NATO in order to defeat Russia

Yet Victoria Nuland was caught on tape revealing the US’ hand-picked leader for Ukraine, Yatsenyuk. Western media pretended the scandal was that she said bad words, “f*ck the EU,” and not the following words, “Yats is our guy.” In retaliation for the US-backed coup of democratically-elected Yanukovych, Russia annexed Crimea from Ukraine, which had previously, and again subsequently voted to join the Russian Federation, as well as being home of Russia’s most important, warm sea port. The Donbas region in eastern Ukraine had also voted to join Russia, and refused to recognize the hostile, US-backed coup government, which Obama began funneling “aid” to despite his own misgivings.

This hostile coup government included many nationalists who set about legislating Russian cultural erasure from Ukraine. The Russian language was banned, Russian language schools & Russian orthodox churches were shuttered. Soviet & communist monuments were removed and replaced with Banderite (Nazi-collaborator Stepan Bandera) street names, monuments, etc.

The US-backed & funded coup government continued to rain bombs on the Donbas, and the Minsk accords were held to negotiate peace. Fighting would stop, and the Donbas would have their own elections along with semi-autonomy, including the ability to veto NATO membership.

But the MIC wants those NATO missiles in Ukraine, and the nationalists want to win their war in Donbas & kill the Russian-speaking “Muscovites.” So Minsk, agreed to in 2015, was never allowed to be implemented, and the Russian-speaking people of the Donbas continued to be slaughtered by NATO-backed forces.

When Obama ran for president in 2008, Democrats roundly mocked Mitt Romney for saying Russia was the US’ biggest geopolitical threat.

Unfortunately, when Trump became President, the Clinton campaign & the FBI cooked up a lunatic conspiracy theory that, in addition to an online “disinformation” campaign (click bait troll farms), Russia had literally hacked voting machines to defeat rightful Queen Hillary & install a Manchurian Candidate as puppet president who was compromised by pee-pee tapes with Russian prostitutes, as well as allegedly shady business loans from Russian banks.

In an effort to appear hostile to Russia, Trump was just that. He ripped up numerous nuclear arms treaties. He opposed Russia everywhere from Syria to Venezuela. And Ukraine. While Obama refused to send arms, Trump agreed to do so. At the last moment Trump called Ukrainian President Poroshenko & threatened to withhold the arms without investigations into the Bidens and their business deals in Ukraine, such as with Burisma Holdings, where Hunter had an $80k/mo no-show board gig despite having zero experience in either energy or Ukraine. Trump was impeached for briefly withholding the arms, and despite opposing Russia at nearly every turn, Democrats still believed the Russiagate propaganda.

Meanwhile, in Ukraine: aforementioned Ukrainian oligarch Ihor Kolomoisky was funding his nationalist right-wing militias, and running PrivatBank and television networks while serving as oblast governor. He had shark tanks in his office to intimidate business partners & rivals. He left coffins in the lobby for a company he wanted out of a shared building. But when he sent his militia into a government building housing the national gas company over disagreement over who would run it, he was removed as governor. And though he denies laundering the money out of the country with business loans to off-shore shell companies owned by himself and his associates, he was also removed as head when PrivatBank had to be bailed with $5.5b from the Ukraine government. Coincidentally, Kolomoisky is the “biggest landlord in Cleveland.” He owns numerous midwestern steel factories, including a “closed” one in Kentucky which was found to be mining Bitcoin, of which Kolomoisky is one of the world’s largest holders.

Evening Kvartal comedic dialogue “Letter to Relatives in Russia”

According to Kolomoisky, he watched & met with numerous comedians, hand-selected Volodomir Zelensky, and created the character and show, Servant of the People, which he aired on Kolomoisky’s own network, about a teacher who became unlikely president after a classroom rant was recorded by a student & went viral. The character fired corrupt oligarchs & inserted his friends to cabinet positions. Kolomoisky then created the Servant of the People Party for Zelensky to bring the show to life. His presidential campaign was funded by roughly 200 people, was run on a low budget of mostly bill board ads, conflated character with candidate, and was based on little but dual messages of anti-corruption & peace in Donbas, the latter of which Zelensky genuinely wanted.

But when Zelensky went to the Donbas to meet the militias and convince them to drop their arms, they basically laughed in his face. Zelensky was openly threatened with lynching if he made peace, and the US refused to give any support for a deal, or security assurances to the new president should he enter one.

President Biden came into office making threats of sanctions on Nord Stream 2 & increasing tensions. He disingenuously called for peace negotiations while simultaneously rejecting out of hand any & all of Russia’s concerns, specifically guarantees that Ukraine would not be allowed into NATO.

In mid-February of 2022, Ukraine surged troop levels along the Donbas while drastically increasing cease-fire violations. Russia in-kind amassed troops along the border with Ukraine until 24Feb, when Russia finally & formally recognized The Donetsk & Luhansk People’s Republics, respectfully, and affirmed their request from UN member Russia for military protection against imminent attack from a larger nation, Ukraine, as per the UN charter.

Putin claimed that Russia’s aim was to “demilitarize & denazify” Ukraine. Meaning that Ukraine would be neutral and have no NATO weapons, and Nazi militias which had been formally absorbed would be removed from Ukraine’s military, and they’d be tried for war crimes in Donbas, as well as atrocities in Odesa, Kiev, and elsewhere.

2012 BBC report “Stadiums of Hate”

Russia’s military campaign began by basically rolling tanks around wherever there was no resistance (water flow strategy), and they were taken out from behind. They sent a long, intimidating column toward Kiev which stalled out, yet provided a great distraction.

A propaganda campaign was waged, with stories of the Ghost of Kyiv, of defiance on Snake Island. And of Russian atrocities such as raping children in front of their parents, rape rooms filled with young, impregnated girls; as well as accusations of bombing train stations, shopping centers, maternity wards, & schools.

The World* united against Russia, with rounds of crippling financial sanctions practically cutting off Russia from the world financial system (SWIFT). Ukraine flags appeared in social media bios. The outrage over bombing blonde-haired, blue-eyed people was something unseen in decades.

Zelensky went on a world-spanning public relations tour, replacing the clean-shaven, suit-wearing “dandy” of yore, with a new beard & ubiquitous tight green t-shirt. He used the opportunity provided by the cover of war to ban all left-wing political opposition, jail political opponents, shutter all but state media, institute martial law, and rescind labor protections from 70% of Ukrainian workers.

It looked bad for Russia, initially. The US had used Ukraine and successfully baited Russia into expensive & condemnatory conflict. Economic warfare was unleashed and the ruble initially crashed. The West was uniting behind Ukraine, and Russia would be weakened both financially & militarily. Formerly neutral Finland & Sweden moved toward NATO membership. The US would then turn toward isolating China as well via Taiwan. Full spectrum dominance would then be achieved, and a New American Century would commence featuring a US-imposed “rules-based order.”

But Ukraine had no navy to speak of, and what little air force they had was quickly wiped out. Their initial forces were decimated, and most of the arms never reached the front lines. They were devastated in Avostal. And Russia controlled 20% of Ukraine.

Eventually a strong NATO-trained foreign force was created, backed by US intelligence, and what Biden officials consider to be a stalemate was achieved – which they intended.

Conversely, the global south largely stayed neutral or blamed hostile NATO expansion. Russia & China were pushed closer. Russia made deals with Iran, India, among others. Saudi Arabia began selling oil in currencies other than the US$, cut oil production just prior to US midterm elections, and may join BRICS & end the #petrodollar altogether, which would greatly undermine the dollar’s status as world reserve currency, and hasten the demise of the empire. This while Russia backed their currency with oil & gold, and the ruble became stronger than before.

A cold winter is coming for Europe, especially Germany. Sanction-driven energy prices are already causing widespread inflation, rationing is already being implemented. Protests are occurring across Europe & multiple heads of state have already lost power since the invasion and subsequent retaliatory economic warfare was commenced.

The West is winning the online propaganda war on their own populations. The Pentagon has a secret army of 60,000. Twitter felt compelled to warn them to disguise their troll army better, banning many accounts. Armies of paid trolls & their bot accounts swarm anti-war journalists, accusing them of being paid & treasonous Kremlin agents whose ideas are obviously fringe & uncouth. Celebrities & artists were recruited to push the war, journalists were paid to spread State Department propaganda.

Jens Stoltenberg

The anti-war left, largely knee-capped by friendly, drone warring Obama, was nowhere to be found. Every single Democrat voted for every package of funding to prolong the US proxy war in Ukraine. Even ones who specifically warned of, and opposed funding, the neo-Nazi Azov Regiment prior to the invasion.

So every escalation was cheered: Supplying longer range missiles to fire deeper into Russian territory. Intelligence on targets, training by and now special ops confirmed to be on the ground. Attacks on Nord Stream pipelines & Kerch strait bridge. Zelensky requesting NATO do a pre-emptive nuclear strike un Russia; insisting any attacks on Kiev be reciprocated by NATO attacks on Moscow. The only challenge from the media was whether The West was being sufficiently escalatory, and whether Putin should be “allowed” to remain in power.

We now have a situation in which the US refuses to give Ukraine permission to offer an end to economic sanctions on Russia in exchange for pulling out troops. And Biden’s public position is that the US can’t negotiate peace terms on behalf of Ukraine. Biden said we’re closer to nuclear Armageddon than any time in 60 years. And anyone in Washington or the media who suggests we step back from the brink of risking human extinction is accused of treason.