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bencarson1Lunatics reside within every culture. While the vast majority are relegated to the fringes of society, occasionally their lunacy is allowed to seep into, and find a foothold within, the political discourse. In such times, we have no choice but to pick up our collective and proverbial pens. Does Ben Carson believe the hate-filled nonsense that he spews for political expediency? Does Ann Coulter? Does candidate Trump? No matter. The matter at hand is not simply that of the lunatic fringe, but of the public embrace of their madness without social reprieve.

Ben Carson is running for president, yet he predicts that Obama will institute Marshall law, and cancel the 2016 elections altogether in order to stay in power.

bencarson5While it is certainly troubling that Ben Carson doesn’t think Muslims should be allowed to hold public office, more troubling is that the roughly 80% of Iowa Republican primary voters nod in agreement with his most vile and disgusting of public statements.

bencarson6Ben Carson says that Obamacare is the worst thing since slavery. Yes, slavery. Attempting to provide affordable healthcare to Americans without, is the worst thing since slavery to lunatic Ben Carson. Speaking of slavery, Carson compares the reproductive rights of women to slavery, equating women to plantation owners. Ben Carson wants to use the government to force rape victims to carry to term the seed of their rapists. Carson says that he may generously be willing to hear an argument for killing a baby, but only if the woman is going to die, which he doesn’t believe ever really happens.

Ben_Carson_by_Gage_Skidmore_3putin caricatureHe does believe, though, in nonsensical conspiracy theories, with no evidence whatsoever. He believes that the Palestinians, Iranians, and Russians were allied at a university in Russia, when Putin was a high-schooler living hours away, and the other two individuals in question were likely never there at all.

Ben_Carson_by_Gage_Skidmore_4Ben Carson says that Darwin was “encouraged by the adversary.” He says that he doesn’t “have enough faith” to believe in the “fairy tale” of the Big Bang theory. He is not only against LGBTQ rights, he doesn’t really believe in gayness at all, since he thinks that time in prison can cause anyone to engage in same-sex relations.

bencarsongiftedThis from a man of science – scientifically adjacent, at least. Gifted Hands attained his fame via surgical acumen, compounded by his unlikely ascendance from poverty. Now, he wants to eliminate Medicare, and replace it with some sort of private account for Wall Street to nickel & dime into oblivion. He bases his tax policy upon tithes and offerings commanded in the bible. He wants to unleash weaponized drones upon migrants and refugees negotiating our Southern border.

hitlerHe claims that gun-control led to the Holocaust, when non-loons know that the Treaty of Versailles demanded the disarmament of the German citizenry, long before the rise of the Hitler, who in fact deregulated shotguns and handguns. But what do facts matter, after all?

Ben_Carson_in_New_Hampshire_on_August_13th,_2015_by_Michael_Vadon_43He’s blamed mass-shooting victims in Oregon for their own untimely deaths, saying that he wouldn’t “just stand there.” He asserted that he would have gained consensus, and convinced other people to attack the shooter, in such an event. (Even though a veteran did try to attack the shooter, and got seven bullets for his efforts, before the shooter eventually killed himself.) This before Carson “admitted” that a guy robbing a “Popeye’s organization” in Baltimore (though no police report exists, and Carson was a vegetarian at the time) inexplicably put his gun into Carson’s ribs (why a customer?), before Carson supposedly and calmly ushered the assailant toward the person manning the cash register.

Ben_Carson_in_New_Hampshire_on_August_13th,_2015_1_by_Michael_Vadon_19He’s in first place in Iowa, yet he’s suspended his campaign in favor of his book tour. So why is this man, this blatant lunatic, beloved by the republican base? Because Ben Carson goes on television, and claims that he was a typically violent young black person, until he found Jesus and decided to calm down and become a religious fundamentalist who relentlessly attacks those perceived as the other/lesser than.Uncle_Tom's_Cabin_1901b.tif

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    You forgot the point where Ben Carson actually co-wrote an academic paper using research based on aborted fetuses and doesn t even have a good excuse why that is different from anything Planned Parenthood has done. You can t be that smart and still try to pander to the far right. The two mix like oil and water.

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