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Hillary Underestimates Hatred of the Corporation

Donald_Trump_-_Riding_the_Wrecking_BallHillary Clinton, perplexed with news she was tied in recent polling with Donald Trump, lamented that she should be ahead by 50 points. This comical bit of hubris embodies perfectly the degree to which elites are disconnected from the American psyche. This disassociation is mirrored in the media, who initially scoffed, and remain befuddled, at the success of the Trump campaign. They flail away, pointing their fingers this way and that, looking for someone, anyone to blame: Fox News echo-chamber, dog-whistling politicians, racist rednecks, lefty-journos and Bernie Sanders for revealing Hillary’s flaws, Jill Stein for existing, those darned Millennials for not falling in line like they should… anyone but Hillary Clinton.

brian_williams_2012_shankbonePeople like David Brooks & Paul Krugman, Brian Williams & Geraldo Rivera, Mitch McConnell & Nancy Pelosi frequent the same fine dining establishments. They share elevator rides and their young attend the same private schools. They pat each others’ backs & chortle away over vichyssoise & beaujolais. Merrily, life is but a dream. The only regular people they deal with on a daily basis are low-wage workers who chuckle & grimace their way through awkward encounters.

uncle samWe grew up being sold an American Dream that meant we could have a picket fence, send our kids to cheap college, and retire in comfort -provided we put in the effort. We may not know the hows or whys, but we know that the American Dream is now a fantasy. We’ been beaten down and squeezed to the point of bursting. Yet the elites in their ivory towers remain blind to our frustration and the extent of our outrage at them for embezzling our nation’s wealth while feigning oblivion. Hillary Clinton represents, more than anything else, the status quo (and corruption and opacity and entitlement and…). While Donald Trump may be a bigoted buffoon, he’s anything but status quo. He is – as was Brexit – Do I have your attention now?!?

So yeah, the deficit has been halved under Obama. The unemployment rate, too. And the stock market has doubled. Wage growth last year was unseen in half a century. But following 40 years of wage stagnation; following the Great Recession and a recovery that has only reached the upper earners – we remain unswayed by abstract numbers which do not equate to our day-to-day experience.

Comcast-Time_Warner_Cable_LogoWe deal with Comcast on a daily basis, which raises rates 5%/yr on average. Poor folk like me invest upward of 20hr/yr on the phone with customer service & the loyalty department threatening disconnect unless promotional rates are applied. They take notes and make promises that the next agent somehow has no record of. They lie and obfuscate – anything to get you off the phone. We have to pay for a hundred channels when we only watch ten. Music Television doesn’t play music. The History Channel doesn’t show history. I never actually get the download speeds the tests show I should. The wireless connection is constantly interrupted. Thanks to government deregulation and lax oversight, they enjoy an effective monopoly with little incentive to improve service (let alone customer service). It used to be illegal to own a news paper and a television station in the same market. Thanks to the Telecommunications Act (Bill Clinton), 90% of all US media is owned by six (6!) companies who control the narrative and feed us lies. I hate corporate media. I hate Comcast.


Image by Comcast Corporation via Public Domain

I hate the phone company. Like the cable company, I never get the data speeds I’m supposed and my device perpetually loses connectivity. On top of insanely expensive smart phones, the monthly rate is ridiculous. Again, there are only a few phone companies, so they can easily collude to keep prices high while providing terrible service. And they’re quick to hand over our phone records to the government without warrant. The marionettes pulling the strings of our spineless politicians won’t spend the money to bury the power lines, let alone fiber optic internet so we don’t have to worry about roaming charges, identifying wi-fi passwords, or searching for faint signals from unsightly cell phone towers.

Monsanto_condensed_death_soup©herve_joseph_lebrunI hate the grocery store. Soda is cheap but dairy products and meat is expensive. They pump the animals full of antibiotics for more product, leaving us susceptible to disease. We spray pesticides that kill the bees. Our method of commercial farming kills the soil. We have ag-gag laws which make it a criminal offense to record our mistreatment of animals. They are fed corn & soy since that is what is subsidized by the government (ie cheapest). As such, high-fructose corn syrup is in everything we eat, from ketchup to white bread. The labels on our food don’t mean anything. Half the seafood pulled from our polluted waters is mislabeled. Words like natural and organic have little meaning. Expiration dates are meant to trick us into throwing things away early and buying new. We’ve been convinced that GMOs are the devil, but they won’t put those on the labels.

martin_shkreli_house_committee_on_oversight_and_government_reform_2016I hate going to the doctor. It takes forever to be seen. Might be out of network. Insurance company got plenty money for ads but they’ll find an excuse not to cover the cost of my medical expenses. The hospital charges a whole box for a single tissue, but I never read the bill since the insurance covered it. Martin Shkreli and the jerks who jacked-up the price of Epi-Pens are price-gouging us. US Patents keep poor people from accessing relatively cheap generic drugs. It’s illegal to bring cheap prescription drugs from Canada or Mexico. Big Pharma bribes politicians to keep a prohibition on natural remedies. The government (Medicare, Medicaid…) isn’t allowed to negotiate with pharmaceutical companies for cheaper prescription drug prices. Big Pharma pays millions for ads telling us to beg our doctor for drugs we don’t need. They bribe doctors to prescribe drugs off-label. We get addicted to pain meds and wind up addicted to heroin when the insurance runs out. We turn our kids into drugged-out zombies. We got granddads walking around with drug-induced stiffies. We pay twice what our EU allies pay for healthcare, which is not guaranteed, and the debt for which you cannot personally go bankrupt.

cabot_house_hdrI hate college. Tuition keep rising & rising while state governments keep cutting funds for state schools. Books are crazy expensive. I can get loans, but the cost is so prohibitive I’ll be paying for decades. Those monies could be going toward a car or a house, instead they fund new buildings and stadiums since universities are non-profits. And like healthcare costs, I can’t be unburdened of the debt through bankruptcy.

female_brown_pelican_being_rinsed_following_extensive_cleaning_at_the_theodore_oiled_bird_rehabilitation_center_in_alabama-_5015288134Exxon OilCleanupAfterValdezSpillI hate the gas station. The price is based upon the whims of oil speculators, stock market fluctuations, and the dictators controlling OPEC. We’ve been subsidizing oil companies for a century. We’ve been at war in the Middle East for decades to keep the Strait of Hormuz running smoothly. We’re killing ourselves with carbon emissions, despite having electric cars around for a century. Tesla sells electric cars, but owners of dealerships selling competing brands of vehicles bribed politicians in states like Texas & New Jersey to ban Tesla’s business model of direct sales to consumers. Because free market. We could have high speed trains like Japan, but we barely fund our shoddy public transportation since poor people use it.

charging bullPerhaps most of all, I hate the bank. Swipe or insert? We’re going through this clunky transition, but without requiring a PIN our system still won’t be as secure as our EU allies. They got fees for every little thing: too few transactions or too low an average daily balance. They charge us fees just to access to our own money. They hold onto our money for us day after day, but the second we overcharge by a few bucks they tax us to death. I’ve had bad experiences that led me to close accounts with every bank I’ve ever used. Heritage Bank turned a $200 bounced check into a -$1800 balance. Key Bank turned my balance into a debt with fees when I was away at Basic. Wells Fargo put a 15-day hold on my payroll check (which I cashed there every two weeks) because it “looked washed.” America’s Credit Union emptied my checking account, then savings, then closed them both because I left them idle for 180 days. Chase Bank charged me monthly fees when I switched jobs and direct deposit hadn’t yet kicked in. Key Bank (yes, again) would only give me $100 of my paycheck for the weekend…

Jamie Dimon

James Dimon

That’s just my personal experience. Instead of pensions, we have 401(k)s which are nickel-and-dimed with fees and subject to market fluctuations. We all saw the banks bring the entire world economy to its knees with their irresponsible, brazen, and fraudulent behavior. They practiced predatory lending, then sold bad, bundled loans as gold and bet against the market. Our homes lost their value and were foreclosed by banks. And instead of rescuing the economy by making home-owners whole, we bailed out Wall Street. Instead of locking Jamie Dimon in jail, he is paraded before a congress eager to provide a verbal fellating. The LIBOR scandal showed financial institutions were manipulating the entire world’s interest rates – and no one went to jail. HSBC was caught knowingly laundering hundreds of millions in cartel drug money – no one went to jail. Wells Fargo executives wanted to brag about sales figures so they pressured low-wage sales people into using the identities of their customers to set up fake accounts. Employees who complained of the practice were fired. Those who did as they were told were eventually scapegoated and fired. The CEO and the shareholders and the executives made their millions. No one went to jail. If the institution is fined, it will be a pittance relative to their quarterly profits, and since they write half of the fine off in taxes the rest of us pay for their criminal activity on both ends.

And as anyone who has been employed by the corporation surely knows – I hate my job. After three years at my first job I was fired, not for anything in particular, but because they were “sick of dealing with me.” I was fired from a job on my second anniversary with a store, for stealing a shirt that had been in the lost & found for weeks. I was two minutes late, was later sick on both Tuesday & Wednesday, and was fired since those consecutive work days fell on separate work weeks. I was once fired a week into an entry-level job for not having enough experience. I was once fired from a bar because two people I didn’t even know got into a fight when I wasn’t even there. I was once fired before I even started because my credit score was too low. I was once let go for breaking my finger at work. I’ve quit jobs over verbally abusive, and inept, management, over a lack of hours, over being transferred, over nearly severing my Achilles the first day…

We hate jobs that don’t pay enough to afford the rent. We hate jobs that won’t give us enough hours, or doesn’t give raises, or doesn’t tell you when you work until the last minute. We hate jobs that pay via prepaid debit cards. We hate nonsensical dress-codes and grooming standards that customers could care less about. We hate promotions with minuscule raises.

We hate cubicles. We hate meetings. We hate after-work emails.

Revolving_Door_SignWe hate the corporation. We hate the establishment. We hate the status quo. We hate bureaucracy. We hate crony capitalism & revolving doors. We hate congress. We hate both Democrats and Republicans. We hate the fascistic shyster who plays footsie white supremacists. We hate the neoliberal who touts the endorsements of war criminals, Jeb! donors, and cross-party establishmentarians.

James Brady - Brady Bill namesake

James Brady – Brady Bill namesake

Despite all they’ve done to our great nation – yet and still – the elites looking down their noses at us rabble wonder why it is that they are so widely despised.

Flashing Lights More Frightening Than a Gun to the Head

I knew the scum in my home with a gun to my head was there for what he was there for and would be on his way as quickly as possible. Sure, the guy was dumb enough to think stick-up kid a valid life choice, but I figured (perhaps stupidly) that he wouldn’t be dumb enough to think he’d get away with murder – he just wanted a little come-up. It went down in an apartment complex and there was a witness (who I suspect was in on it, but what was I really going to do – I’m no criminal). I lost a stack of Kevin Durant rookie cards and a nice digital camera and whatnot. But so long as I remained calm and did as I was told, things would be okay. And they were.

prison_bars_5997920696No amount of calm can soothe years spent in the system – let alone death by cop – if a traffic stop goes awry.

I’m an unassuming white guy who drives a rimless, tint-less commuter without so much as a moving violation in eight years. But those flashing lights, to this day, inspire more fear than any random ruffian in the streets possibly could.

Why? No matter how acquiescent, any encounter with law enforcement can result in death.

Had that guy pulled the trigger, I have little doubt he would’ve been caught and would’ve served a lengthy sentence. Cops are rarely, if ever, held accountable for their actions.

Ask Walter Scott or Terence Crutcher how interactions with cops can turn out. Let alone the countless who are remembered only by their survived. Some were framed with planted evidence and couldn’t afford a proper defense. Families of high-profile decedents often suffer posthumous character assassination at the hands of ass-covering law enforcement and parroting media.

police_chase_on_brooklyn_bridgeA number of years ago I was on my way home from the midnight release of the latest Madden football game when those flashing lights appeared. Unbeknownst to me, my license had been administratively suspended. The successful completion of five years probation had turned a DUI conviction into a reckless driving and so my license was suspended as though it were a new offense – my reward for good behavior. The cop was cool (whiteness at work!) so he didn’t impound my car, but I had to walk home at 2am. It was only a few miles, but I was wearing a dressy, collared shirt and boat shoes (sans socks, of course) along with earrings and a watch. I was carrying the bag containing my purchase, and my wallet and keys. I felt like a target. And these tweekers kept coming up to me asking me for a cigarette. By the third tweeker, for kicks, I figured I’d preemptively request of him a stoge to initiate the encounter so as to not exude vulnerability (I don’t smoke) and he was like Man, I was about to ask you. And that is considered to be a positive encounter with law enforcement.

My car was once broken into while I was swimming at the lake and I had a few hundred CDs stolen along with a set of still-in-the-box tweeters and the pants/keys/wallets of a few friends. I did some sleuthing and found the culprit along with the place of business my items had been pawned. I called the cops to the pawn shop and they wound up kicking me off the property and telling me I’d be trespassing should I return.

I once had a crazy old lady for a neighbor who kept egging my car and one day decided to sling a bowl of cereal at me when confronted on the repeated eggings. The cops eventually came and said they could smell bacon wafting from inside, but she wouldn’t answer the door and since I didn’t have video evidence…

Don_Knotts_Jim_Nabors_Andy_Griffith_Show_1964Cops are useless at best and a nuisance in general. Just the other day I was on my way to work when those flashing lights appeared. I hadn’t done anything wrong and my documents are squared away. But what if the cop was simply having a bad day?

In states where cannabis is legal, the legal threshold for DUI means anyone who medicates more than roughly once a month could be busted any day of the week.

It could be an old traffic fine that returned from collections and turned into a bench warrant.

Suddenly you aren’t just late for work or your car impounded – now that’s your job. That’s your rent. You could be homeless and you can’t put your previous employer on your resume to find a new one.

If you can’t afford bail or a proper legal defense, you’ll be coerced into taking a plea bargain by over-charging prosecutors who threaten maximum sentences.

We send people to private prisons where they are raped and subjected to gang violence. We ravage the minds of social beings held in solitary confinement. We charge exorbitant fees for phone calls with their families and community. We cut off inmates’ access to Pell Grants. We use them instead for slave labor.

The dehumanization inherent in our method of penance is reinforced by disenfranchisement upon release. The cost of post-release monitoring is prohibitive to the point of exacerbating ‘(crime-less) recidivism (some states even charge former inmates for costs related to imprisonment).

You can’t get a student loan because of your record. Your family can’t get food assistance if you live with them. You have to check a box for being a felon and as such can barely get a minimum wage job at a fast food joint.

Those flashing lights and all that they represent: Slave patrols and fire hoses. Rodney King and Tamir Rice. Generations of a terrorized people with pleas unanswered. Years in the system and perhaps death by cop. There are myriad solutions – beginning with justice and accountability leading to meaningful reform. But nothing can be achieved until we admit that we have problems with policing and criminal justice that need fixing.

Kaepernick Kneels for Freedom & Justice

image by au kirk via wikimedia commmons cc-by-2.0

image by au kirk via wikimedia commmons cc-by-2.0

In a country beset with racial tension, it has taken the kneeling of a backup football player to inconvenience us into taking note. For his part, San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick didn’t promote his action. When finally asked, after three weeks of protest, Kaepernick eloquently spoke against the killing of unarmed black men by police officers across the country going unpunished.

Replies have run the gamut, from fellow footballers Jerry Rice tweeting that “All Lives Matter”, Rodney Harrison questioning Kap’s blackness, and Richard Sherman taking issue with the manner of protest (Drew Brees, Trent Dilfer…). Teammate Eric Reid, in solidarity, took a knee during the national anthem alongside Kaepernick. As with dozens of other NFL players in the following weeks (including Marcus Peters, whose raised right fist was accompanied by a left arm linked with teammates). As with USWNT Megan Rapinoe. And hundreds of high school & college football & volleyball players & coaches across the country. While #VeteransforKaepernick was a trend, so too was the backlash.

Veterans taking issue with Kaepernick’s protest tweet-plied #Dontspeakforme. Kids who knelt were called “nigger” by their own teammates, and received death threats from supposed adults. A First Nation girl had her grade docked for failing to participate during the Pledge of Allegiance (though she hadn’t stood for years prior). Players, even military veteran coaches, have been threatened with dismissal should they fail to stand for the anthem. Principals have threatened ejection from athletic events.

Myriad skilled wordsmiths have put far superior words than I am capable of stringing together on this issue. So I feel like I’m simply parroting folks far brighter than myself. But for the Dabo Sweeneys and the Seattle Seahawks and the Jerry Rices:

The Star Spangled Banner is blatantly fucking racist. Francis Scott Keyes personally owned slaves and fought abolitionists. He was a lieutenant in the War of 1812. The British offered freedom to slaves willing to fight with them. The black Coastal Marines laid a whoopin’ on Keyes and crew. He held a grudge and wrote his little poem (while trying to free a captured friend aboard a British ship) about bombs and battle and we just left out the part about viciously murdering free black men.

Image by Epoch Producing Co via public domain

Image by Epoch Producing Co via public domain

A hundred years and we had put a melody on it and made it our special song after getting riled up with racist fervor around Birth of a Nation.Another hundred years – after being riled up by a browning populace and a black man in the White House – a black quarterback alternately sporting an afro & corn-rows jump-starts an effort to woke a nation.

#BlackLivesMatter #SayHerName #ICantBreathe

But this is America. And while the calendar says 2016, it may as well read 1966. Black children are still being threatened and attacked for peaceful protest. Athletes are still being punished for silent protest. Protesters are still called unpatriotic and anti-American. Marchers are still criticized for the inconvenience. Movements are still infiltrated and surveilled by the federal government. Activists are still jailed and still turn up dead.

And the message is the same: I am a Man. It is only human nature demand the common decency of being seen and heard. For all of these years we have been ignoring claims of police brutality and institutional racism. What about Chicago?!? Black on black crime! WWMLKD? Personal responsibility! Where are the fathers?!?

Three Proud People by newtown graffitivia flickr cc-by-2.0

Three Proud People by newtown graffitivia flickr cc-by-2.0

Briefly, folks in Chicago been organizing and actively working for solutions and you never noticed or cared; and BLM has a detailed policy-plan. White-on-white crime is just as significant – only Natives deviate from the same-on-same statistic. You hated MLK. You hated Ali. You hated John Carlos and Tommie Smith. Black fatherseat more meals with their kids and drive them to/from school more than white fathers (and many that do not cannot because they’ve been locked up due to our racist War on Drugs and private prison industry). Black Wall Street. Red-lining & houses on contract; school-to-prison pipeline, stop & frisk, three-strikes, mandatory minimums, dwb…

Colin Kaepernick is specifically protesting police brutality. Silently & peacefully. Yet 49ers “fans” are burning Kaepernick jerseys in effigy. Actors promising to boycott the NFL. And perhaps most disgustingly, Dabo Sweeney’s ignorant self – as is done every single time any POC protest and while insisting that he does not necessarily disagree with the message – yanked the ghost of MLK out of his sorry, white ass in an effort to bash (mostly) black protesters. Reverend. Dr. Martin. Luther. King. Jr. The guy most known in US history for protest. Arrested dozens of times – for protesting!

Image via Associated Press

Image via Associated Press

As if the Dabo Sweeneys of the world care to know: MLK railed against those more concerned with order than justice – and those more concerned with riots than the underlying circumstances leading to people to riot. MLK said he was more frustrated with the white moderate who feigned understanding than the outright bigot.

People prefer comfortable lies to the uncomfortable truth. They want a docile MLK. They want a meek Rosa Parks. They want well-fed slaves with kindly masters who only wanted their property rights and freedom from an oppressive federal government.

They want black folks to celebrate their supposed freedoms by shutting their mouths and standing up straight and doing as they’re damn well told. Don’t protestthat way (or that way, or that…). Be grateful and be quiet. Implicitly – sometimes explicitly – or leave!

Talking heads from political and sports punditry predicted Kap would be cut from his team. A former-quarterback-turned-analyst decried the distraction he was causing to his team. On the contrary, upon rising from his silent protest, he is met with the embrace of teammates. And his jersey sales went from twentieth place on his team to tops in the league.

For those who wrap yourselves up in the flag and use veterans and MLK as a weapon against protesters? Who value symbolism over the humanity of fellow Americans? You don’t care about any of those things. You’re sitting on your sofa during your deplorable ditty. You don’t care that the players weren’t even on the field during the anthem until the NFL cooked it up as a marketing scheme in 2009. Or that millions in tax-payer money is paid to the NFL to use the US military as a prop. You don’t care that the song is blatantly racist. You don’t care about police brutality or institutional racism. You only care about inner-city plight to the extent that you can use it as a cudgel against those most affected. You want to hold the oppressed responsible for their own oppression. You want to tell black folks how they are allowed to protest in your country. You want to obfuscate with jingoistic symbols and faux-patriotism.

No more. These protests are only growing. These issues won’t solve themselves. These voices will not be quieted. Someone had better get to Adam Silver quick, because come November a cadre of tall black men blessed with tattoos and unburdened with face-masks will be taking the floor.

As Republicans Disenfranchise Blacks, Trump Complains of Rigged Election

Donald Trump is losing badly to Hillary Clinton in recent national and swing state polls. Perhaps seeing the writing on the wall, he’s claiming that if he loses the election, it will be because the election was “rigged.” He has called for police chiefs and volunteers to monitor voting precincts to ensure that people aren’t voting “four or five times”. And should he lose, he’s suggested “2nd Amendment people” could “do something” about Hillary and any judges she might try and appoint.

Trump is right about one thing: the election is rigged. Just not in the way that his simple mind supposes. And what Trump is complaining about is, essentially, that courts are allowing too many black people vote.

While most commentators are concentrating on the danger of calling into question the legitimacy of the presidential election; I’ll get into the specifics of his claims.

The Voting Rights Act was built on the backs of MLK, JFK, LBJ, and scores of Movement leaders. Section 2 of the VRA says that elections processes which disproportionally harm black folks (disparate impact) are unconstitutional. Section 5 said that states with both a historical and recent record of enacting unconstitutional voting laws had to get preclearance from the Department of Justice before changing elections procedures. In 2013, the Supreme Court ruled preclearance unconstitutional. Since racist voting laws had spread north, they reasoned, southern states could no longer be singled out.

Within days, a number of southern states enacted racist voting laws that they previously could not. Republicans had studied the ways black folks were most likely to vote, and systematically outlawed those methods. One in four blacks do not have a current state ID, so they began requiring state ID at the polls, not just when registering to vote. (And closed licensing offices to make it harder to get an ID.) Knowing whites are more likely to own firearms – they accepted gun licenses as valid Voter ID, but not state-issued student IDs. They closed precincts in black neighborhoods and cut the hours of those remaining. Black folks tend to take advantage of early voting, and souls to the polls on Sunday. So they slashed early voting and eliminated Sunday voting. Neither of which has a thing to do with voter fraud.

Section 2 of the VRA remains intact, so laws with disparate impact on black folks are still unconstitutional. But since the SCOTUS gutted Section 5, the Department of Justice is left to sue states after the fact. Often after elections – after the damage has been done.

Voters in Wisconsin will likely be subject to such provisions in November, 2016, thanks to three Republicans in a federal appeals court. Fortunately, courts recently have stepped in in Texas and North Carolina, where Republicans have used the most egregious methods to try and keep black folks from voting. But those aren’t swing states. However, in 2014, Pennsylvania’s Voter ID law was overturned when they admitted in court that they could not find a single case of voter fraud in that their law would have prevented.

Ergo, the election is rigged against Trump. He’s mad that he just found out Republicans in Pennsylvania we’re caught passing racist voting laws, and he needs an excuse should he lose in November.

Again, the very state Trump points to couldn’t find a single case. Which stands to reason, since the type of voter-fraud the law would prevent is the most inefficient way to go about it. A person would have to physically go from location to location; they’d need a new fake ID each time; they’d have to know that the person they were impersonating was already registered to vote, but would not be voting for president. Logistical nightmare requiring of a chrystal ball. Yet this is Trump’s evidence of an illegitimate election; and his excuse.

Importantly, voter fraud does occur. Just not in the way Trump, and the Republicans feeding him this nonsense, are saying. Most common is when people steal mail-in ballots from nursing homes. But old people disproportionally use mail-in voting – and disproportionally vote Republican – so Republicans have no interest in curtailing mail-in voter fraud. Ballots are sometimes misplaced – it took a month to count the CA Democratic primary votes; the 2012 Iowa Republican Caucus never did figure out who actually won. Voter registrations are sometimes thrown away, so folks who think they’re registered are turned away on Election Day. Felons can’t vote in some states. Often people with similar names to felons, or to someone who died, or people who have moved, or hadn’t voted in recent elections – are given provisional ballots which aren’t counted.

Trump, and Republicans generally, have no interest in the actual ways our electoral system is rigged or the ways in which American citizens are restricted from the franchise – it’s just the opposite. While screaming that the election is rigged against him, he is, in effect, demanding that Republicans be allowed to disenfranchise black people around the country in order to rig the election in his favor.

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